Friday, December 19, 2008

Bush Shoe Throwing Game

Get to play the part of the angry news guy and throw shoes to Bush. This game may be found on the following link.
Another version of the Bush Shoe Throwing game can be found in:

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Philippines says NO to charter change

That's me with Philippine Senator Francis 'Chiz' Escudero in the December 12 Anti Charter Change Rally in Makati a while ago. (On the left side of the background is Senator Serge Osmeña, and Adel Tamano on the right)
Quite a crowd in the corner of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas in Makati City.

Thousands of protesters converged at the junction of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas in Makati City for a rally against moves by administration lawmakers to amend the Constitution.
The protest turned into a huge Christmas party for several organizations, with song and dance numbers were staged on a colorfully lit street with holiday decorations all over the buildings in the city’s financial district.
Apart from protest banners and placards scattered in the streets, there were also vendors selling dirty ice cream, native clothes, and other accessories. One vendor was selling souvenir buttons with the words “Moderate your Greed” and “Oust Gloria” printed on them.
At the middle of Paseo de Roxas, a small eatery serving rice porridge and noodles had been set up.
At the start of the protest, Makati mayor Jejomar Binay declared Makati City a Charter change-free city. “Handa ho kaming makibaka, teka, seditious yata yan [We are prepared to fight, wait, that seems to be seditious],” Binay quipped.
“Dito sa Makati, maniwala kayo magkakasama tayong lalaban sa anumang pagbabago sa ating Saligang Batas [Here in Makati, believe me, we are together to fight any attempt to change the Constitution],” he said.
Senator Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, who represented his father, former president Joseph Estrada, criticized the recent dismissal of an impeachment complaint against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at the House of Representatives.
“Kamakailan, pinatay ang impeachment complaint, hindi idininig ang ika-apat na impeachment complaint, kaya patuloy ang katiwalian sa ating bansa [Recently, they killed the impeachment complaint, they did not hear the fourth impeachment complaint, which is why corruption continues in our country]” he said.
Early Friday evening, Renato Reyes, secretary general of the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan), said they had achieved their goal of mobilizing 10,000 people from a "broad range of forces" including churches and various political parties and civil society groups, which he said showed how "widely rejected Cha-Cha [Charter change] has become."
But National Capital Region police office (NCRPO) Director Leopoldo Bataoil refused to give a crowd estimate and “argue [with protesters] on figures.”
“As to the crowd estimate, I will not give my own, I will leave that to the organizers, and I will respect their crowd estimate,” he added.
Media outfits estimated the crowd peaking at 8,000.
Bataoil also said the protest was “generally peaceful with no untoward incidents.”
The five-hour rally ended promptly at 9 p.m. with protesters ending the program with the nationalist song “Bayan Ko” (My Country) while holding lit candles, and then quietly dispersing.
Earlier, the Philippine National Police said 4,700 anti-riot police would be deployed to provide security during the rally.
Protesters converged at the protest site at 4 p.m. Members of the contingent led by Bayan carried around huge Christmas lanterns with the words “Junk Cha-Cha,” with drums and folk dancers marching along.
A contingent from the Liberal Party, led by Senators Manuel Roxas II and Rodolfo Biazon, and Representative Ruffy Biazon, and former senator Franklin Drilon, among others, gathered in front of the Makati Post Office, to march to the rally site.
At the start of the protest, rallyists let loose swarms of green balloons to protest any moves to amend the Constitution.
"I hope we will be able to stop Cha-Cha [Charter change] after this. Charter change now is a manglement [sic], a rape of our constitution," said Roxas in an interview.
Also at the protest are Senators Panfilo Lacson, Loren Legarda, Benigno Aquino III and Ma. Ana Consuelo Madrigal, United Opposition president Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, Bayan Muna (People First) Representatives Teddy Casiño and Satur Ocampo, Gabriela Representative Liza Maza and Representative Teofisto Guingona III, and lawyer Harry Roque, among others.
But former president Joseph Estrada, who promised to join the rally, will not show up as he rushed to be with his ailing 103-year-old mother.
Margaux Salcedo, Estrada's spokesperson, said the former president rushed to the San Juan Medical Center where Doña Mary Ejercito is in "extreme medical condition."
A contingent led by the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan, New Patriotic Alliance), armed with colorful Christmas lanterns and dancing to native music, marched from Makati Avenue.
Ocampo, Casiño and Maza carried lanterns that read, "Junk Cha-Cha."

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SM to open world's third largest mall

MANILA, Philippines -- The world's third biggest shopping mall is to open in the Philippines capital this week, a vote of confidence on the country's economic prospects amid a global slowdown, its owners said Thursday.
The launch on Friday of a 90,000-square-metre (22-acre) annex will make the SM City North Edsa mall the third biggest in the world with a gross floor area of 425,000 square metres (105 acres), SM Prime Holdings Inc. said in a statement.
The company, a holding firm of the country's richest man Henry Sy, also owns the world's fourth, seventh, and 11th biggest malls, it added.
SM Prime President Hans Sy said launching the project amid the global crisis "speaks of how we view the longer-term prospects of the country."
The Asian Development Bank forecast Thursday that Philippine economic growth would slow to 4.5 percent this year and further down to 3.5 percent next year after growth of 7.2 percent in 2007.
Hundreds of Filipinos employed abroad, part of a huge number that remits the equivalent of 10 percent of the country's gross domestic product to their families back home every year, have lost their jobs, the government said.
SM Prime said tenants have signed up for 70 percent of the leasable space in the six-storey extension to the mall.
SM Prime has recently opened two other malls with a third also set to open on Friday.
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Big cat bites Santa, nice

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, New Jersey — Santa Claus posed with a very large kitty on his lap — and now, unfortunately, he might need rabies shots.Jonathan Bebbington was playing the jolly old elf during a Santa Paws photo event at a PetsMart store when he was bitten Sunday on the wrist and hand. The event was to raise money for Penny Angel's Beagle Rescue group.The cat and owner disappeared after the incident. At least one person thought it was a bobcat, said Joan Kerr, president of Penny Angel's."It had absolutely huge paws, like 3 inches (nearly 8 centimeters) around," Kerr said.The cat, named "Benny," appeared terrified because dogs were nearby, Bebbington, 47, told The Press of Atlantic City."It had very powerful jaws and big teeth," he said, estimating the cat weighed about 30 pounds (14 kilograms).The woman who brought it to the store told people there she bought the cat from a breeder in Wyoming for $1,500."Her last words were, 'I have a permit and the cat has all his vaccines,' " Bebbington said.Unless the owner produces vaccination records, Bebbington will have to receive rabies shots starting Thursday as a precaution. He's already had a tetanus shot.
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Santa.. I mean a burglar.. stucked on chimney..

ST. LOUIS – Santa aside, that trip down the chimney doesn't work so well after all. Police arrested a burglar early Wednesday who spent a harrowing three hours stuck inside the chimney of a pawn shop.Authorities were called to the location at 3 a.m., and found the man wedged in the chimney, unable to move. After about three hours, rescuers were able to knock away bricks and free him.He was taken to a hospital for evaluation. The man's name has not been released.
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dogs get jealous?

Scientists in Austria say they have found a basic form of jealousy in dogs.
The Vienna-based researchers showed that dogs will stop doing a simple task when not rewarded if another dog, which continues to be rewarded, is present.
Writing in the journal PNAS, the scientists say this shows a sensitivity in dogs that was only previously found in primates.
The researchers now plan to extend their experiments to look at co-operative behaviour in wolves.
The experiment consisted of taking pairs of dogs and getting them to present a paw for a reward. On giving this "handshake" the dogs received a piece of food.
One of the dogs was then asked to shake hands, but received no food. The other dog continued to get the food when it was asked to perform the task.
Reward value
The dog without the reward quickly stopped doing the task, and showed signs of annoyance or stress when its partner was rewarded.
To make sure that the experiment was really showing the interaction between the dogs rather than just the frustration of not being rewarded, a similar experiment was conducted where the dogs performed the task without the partner. Here they continued to present the paw for much longer.

The dog sees its partner rewarded
Dr Frederike Range from the department of neurobiology and cognition research at the University of Vienna, says this shows that it was the presence of the rewarded partner which was the greater influence on their behaviour.
"The only difference is one gets food and the other doesn't, they are responding to being unequally rewarded." she said.
The researchers say this kind of behaviour, where one animal gets frustrated with what is happening with another, has only been observed in primates before.
Studies with various types of monkeys and chimpanzees show they react not only to seeing their partners receiving rewards when they are not, but also to the type of reward.
The dog study also looked at whether the type of reward made a difference. Dogs were given either bread or sausage, but seemed to react equally to either. Dr Range says this may be because they have been trained.
"It's through the fact they have to work for the reward, this confers it with a higher value," she said.
The researchers say this behaviour, reacting to others receiving rewards, may represent an earlier stage in the evolution of co-operative behaviours seen in human and primates.
"I think it's a precursor, simpler than in humans, it's a selfish behaviour, they don't react to seeing others treated unfairly. With humans they react, say it's unfair, we can't see anything like that in the dogs," said Dr Range.

The dog soon refuses to raise a pawThe researchers say the type of behaviour exhibited in the experiment is probably due to the dog's close association with humans. Dr Range says other animals need to be studied to really show how animals naturally exhibit jealousies or cooperate.
"I'm sure that it's not something that evolved with the dogs, we will have to test it in wolves and other cooperating species," she said.
Dr Range is currently rearing wolf cubs in order to perform similar experiments. She says the wolves will be able to do the paw test, but that it is really the wrong experiment. She regards this as something unnatural, that dogs are taught by their owners.
"They can give the paw, but it's not the right test. We must take the human out of the equation, then we can compare directly wolves with dogs."
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pacquiao Knocks Out dela Hoya

Inquirer - MANILA, Philippines -- Filipino ring hero Manny Pacquiao continued to validate his status as the world's top pound-for-pound fighter when he defied the odds in knocking out boxing icon Oscar "Golden Boy" De La Hoya in their welterweight Dream Match at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Saturday night (Sunday in Manila).
There was no knockdown but a relentless Pacquiao gave De La Hoya all that he could handle, before the "Golden Boy" called it quits at the end of the eighth round, prompting referee Tony Weeks to declare the Filipino the winner by technical knockout.
It was only the second time in De La Hoya's 16-year pro career that he was stopped in a fight, and it was made even more shocking because it came at the hands of a fighter who fought at just 129 pounds months earlier. At the age of 35 De La Hoya seemed not only well beyond his prime, but unable to offer any answer to the punches that Pacquiao was landing almost at will.
De La Hoya's left eye was closed shut as he sat on his stool after the eighth round and the ring doctor, referee and his cornermen discussed his condition. De La Hoya offered no complaints when his corner decided he had enough, getting up from his stool and walking to the center of the ring to congratulate the victor.
"You're still my idol," Pacquiao told him.
"No, you're my idol," De La Hoya said.
Two of the three ringside judges scored all eight rounds for Pacquiao, while a third gave De La Hoya only the first round. The Associated Press scored every round for the winner.
The stoppage came after a late flurry from Pacquiao in the eighth round, where De La Hoya started to show some signs of life after getting overwhelmed in the first eight rounds. At the time of the stoppage, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, parent company of, had Pacquiao ahead, 80-72, winning all the rounds.
De La Hoya was taken to a hospital for precautionary reasons after the fight.
The fight was lopsided from the beginning, with Pacquiao landing punch after punch while De La Hoya chased after him, trying to catch him with a big punch. Pacquiao was winning big even before the seventh round, when he was pounding De La Hoya against the ropes in his corner and catching him with huge shots that knocked him across the ring.
De La Hoya remained upright, but with one eye closed and his reflexes seemingly gone there was no chance he was going to land the big punches he would have needed to turn the fight around.
Ringside statistics showed Pacquiao landed 45 power punches in the seventh round to just four for De La Hoya.
"He's just a great fighter," De La Hoya said. "I have nothing bad to say about him. He prepared like a true champion."
Pacquiao (48-3-2, 36 knockouts) came up two weight classes to fight for his biggest purse ever, while De La Hoya dropped down to meet him at 147 pounds.
The four-division champion and current WBC lightweight king is expected to earn close to $15 million for this fight, which includes a guaranteed purse -- reportedly $6 million -- and his share of the pay-per-view pie.
The Filipino icon leaned on his speed, all-action style, and brilliant ring movement to score the upset in what was billed as the fight of the year.
Though De La Hoya (39-6) towered over Pacquiao and had a big reach advantage over him, Pacquiao had no trouble getting inside what few jabs De La Hoya threw to land his shots.
Pacquiao was credited with landing 224 of 585 punches to just 83 of 402 for De La Hoya.
"I think I did well tonight," Pacquiao said. "I controlled [the] fight. We worked on my speed in the gym and I think that was the key in this fight."
"Thank you God for giving me the strength. I don't think he would last long. I was still careful even though I was in control," he said.
"We knew we had him after the first round," Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach said. "He had no legs, he was hesitant and he was shot."
Roach trained De La Hoya in his last big fight a year ago and said De La Hoya simply couldn't throw punches when he needed in that fight. That was magnified even more against Pacquiao, who not only was as elusive as Floyd Mayweather Jr. but threw punches back that kept De La Hoya off pace.
"Freddie, you're right," De La Hoya told the trainer after the fight. "I just don't have it anymore."
If De La Hoya's career is over, it will be the end of a remarkable story that began when he won the Olympic gold medal in Barcelona in 1992 and went on to become the biggest box office attraction in the sport. But while he sold tickets, there were whispers long before the fight that he had nothing left.
"My heart still wants to fight, that's for sure," De La Hoya said. "But when your physical doesn't respond, what can you do? I have to be smart and make sure I think about my future plans."
Pacquiao got off to a solid start, dumbfounding De La Hoya with his ring movement and sneaking his pet left, snapping the Mexican-American's head several times.
By the time De La Hoya utilized his vaunted left jab in the third round, Pacquiao was firmly in control.
De La Hoya came alive in the fourth round, but Pacquiao came up with a whirlwind finish to steal it. De La Hoya landed a solid right to Pacquiao's face early in the round, his first big punch of the match.
Pacquiao shifted into high gear in the seventh, unleashing a run of combinations which staggered De La Hoya, sending the Golden Boy on the ropes for most of the round. But De La Hoya still managed to stay on his feet. Refusing to take further punishment, De La Hoya threw in the towel at the end of the eighth round.
The 29-year-old Filipino, who won his ninth fight in a row, has improved to 20-1 since 1999, his lone loss a 2005 decision to Mexican Erik Morales. He raised his record to 48 wins, including 35 knockouts, three losses and two draws.
"He's just a great fighter," the 35-year-old De La Hoya conceded. "He fought a tremendous fight. He was the better fighter and he deserves this win. I give him all the credit all the world."
De La Hoya added: "He prepared like a true champion. At this stage, when you face a great fighter like Manny, it's [the performance] expected.
Pacquiao's latest conquest comes after wresting the WBC lightweight crown from David Diaz in June and WBC super featherweight crown from Juan Manuel Marquez last March.
De La Hoya dropped to 3-4 in his last seven fights and 39-6-0 overall.

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Manny Pacquiao Dream Match begins

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- With a smile on his face and a snarl in his voice, Manny Pacquiao put to rest a weighty issue as he tries to overcome the biggest challenge in his career both for the glory of a nation and for his own share of boxing greatness.
The Filipino icon battles his sport’s acknowledged Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya, in an intriguing welterweight battle Saturday at the MGM Grand’s Garden Arena here, in a fight card dubbed the “Dream Match.”
“I’m ready to fight,” Pacquiao told journalists Friday night. “It’s time to make history.”
The 29-year-old brawler tipped the scales at 142 lbs Friday in a festive official weigh-in at the packed Garden Arena. The moment the number was called out and trainer Freddie Roach quickly approached the scale to check if he heard it correctly, everybody sensed something was wrong.
“I was surprised at my weight,” Pacquiao said later that evening inside his cushy 61st floor suite at THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay. “Before I went to the weigh-in, I checked my weight and came in at 146 lbs.”
That the 5-foot-10 De La Hoya made it at 145 lbs, two under the welterweight limits of 147lbs, drew even more questions.
“When I got to the venue, in less than an hour, I weighed 142 lbs. In less than an hour I lost four pounds and I did not even do anything. I don’t want to insinuate anything, but I lost four pounds in less than an hour without doing anything.”
Not that Pacquiao want a full-blown inquiry into the matter.
As a matter of fact, there was a seemingly misplaced tone of amusement in his voice as he recounted the turn of events that had him a full five pounds under the limit. It was when somebody noted that the extra weight may further disadvantage him in a fight where his opponent holds a tremendous size and reach edge that Pacquiao’s tone turned ferocious.
“Ako pa? Kilala niyo ako, hindi ako basta-basta nasisindak (You know me, I am not easily frightened),” exclaimed Pacquiao. “Kung gusto nila, magsuntukan na kami ngayon, kahit wala pang gloves (If they want, we can have at it without gloves).”
People may easily register different weights in different scales, but the difference is rarely as pronounced as four pounds. Pacquiao feels that De La Hoya may have rigged his way out of a $6-million penalty for being overweight.
As stipulated in the fight contract, any fighter who weighs over 147 lbs will pay $3 million per excess pound. That clause was inserted into the contract as a safety measure by Roach to prevent De La Hoya from coming in too big and create an even bigger mismatch between the two fighters.
De La Hoya, who has been in seclusion since reaching this gambling haven Monday night except for a few official public appearances, could not be reached for comment as his team immediately whisked him out of the venue after a couple of short television interviews.
Prior to the weigh-in, though, De La Hoya said that he “feels great” at the lower weight.
"I feel energetic,” he said. “I feel happy. I feel like I have a little bounce. I'm taking care of myself, to make sure that I keep the speed because the power is already there."
Pacquiao added there was no way the official scale and his own machine could have produced separate results because they were both on the mark just the day before.
“After I trained, I checked my weight and came in at 146. I ate a little and the next morning, I checked my weight again and came in at 146. All of a sudden, the official scale and my scale were off by four pounds. Take those four pounds and that means Oscar is 149.”
As dangerous as the prospect of fighting a guy two pounds heavier than he should be is, Pacquiao remains unperturbed. In fact, he relished the challenge and -- a day after being referred to as King Kong by De La Hoya -- cooked up his own metaphor for the match. “It’s David vs Goliath,” Pacquiao said, laughing.
But this David is expected to have a tougher time against this Goliath.
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Vinnie Jones of X-men film gets in a bar brawl

SIOUX FALLS -- British football star turned tough-guy Hollywood actor Vinnie Jones was hospitalized and arrested Friday after he got into a bar fight over his role in the film X-Men.
Witnesses said the fight began when Jones tried to join a game of pool in the small town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Jones took offense when one of the men identified him as Juggernaut from "X-Men: The Last Stand" which he apparently took as a slight against his more significant roles.
"He started pushing my other friends around," said Juan Barrera, 24, who sat nearby while his roommates played pool.
"He said he's been in so many other movies or whatever."
Police said Jones charged at a local patron, 24-year-old Jesse Bickett, who then hit Jones in the face with a beer glass.
His face bloodied, Jones was walking to the restroom to clean up when he saw Barrera and punched him in the face, Barrera told Agence France-Presse.
Barrera said he hit Jones once or twice in the face before bar staff kicked him out.
Jones was treated for facial injuries at a local hospital where was arrested for misdemeanor assault early Friday morning, police said.
Formal charges have not been filed, and no court date has been set.
Police charged Bickett with felony aggravated assault, but his mother says it was self-defense.
"He's got major hospital bills hanging over his head," Deb Bickett said. "He (Jones) doesn't want to run into me."
After a football career in which he developed a brutal "hard man" reputation, Jones debuted as an actor in "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels." His other film credits include "Snatch" and "Gone in Sixty Seconds."
His manager said Jones was vacationing in the area but declined to comment on the brawl.
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

After all, Microsoft is still interested in Yahoo!

NEW YORK -- Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said Friday the US software giant remained interested in acquiring Yahoo's search business and would rather do a deal "sooner than later."
"I think a search deal makes great sense for Microsoft, and Yahoo," Ballmer said in an interview published in the online edition of The Wall Street Journal. "I think I've been very open about that."
"I think good ideas are usually better done quickly than slowly, so it would probably be better for both us, and certainly for Yahoo, if we were to do it sooner than later," he said.
"But at the end of the day, that would have be something Yahoo would be as interested in as I have expressed our interest."
Asked by the newspaper whether the Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft and Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo were in talks, Ballmer replied: "The answer is no, but I wouldn't tell you if there were."
Ballmer, who hired former Yahoo executive Qi Lu this week to be Microsoft's online services chief, said if Microsoft and Yahoo tied up on search, market leader Google "would have perhaps a real credible competitor sooner."
But, he added, Microsoft is "fully prepared to compete without any partnership with Yahoo."
Google dominates online search with more than 60 percent of the market. Yahoo has around 20 percent of the market while Microsoft is a distant third with under 10 percent.
Microsoft has been trying to boost its online clout and Ballmer said the company was ready to put up the money needed.
"We are prepared to invest significant amounts of money in our online business, five to 10 percent of operating income if we had to, for the next five years," he said, repeating remarks made to shareholders.
Yahoo co-founder and chief executive Jerry Yang earlier this year rejected a 47.5-billion-dollar bid by Microsoft for his company, earning the disapproval of many shareholders.
Yang announced last month that he was stepping down as chief executive.
It appears unlikely that any deal between Microsoft and Yahoo would go ahead until his replacement as CEO has been found.
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Heavenly Smile formed on the first day of December

If you'd look closer, you might just see the sky smiling upon you. This is what the sky looked like on the first day of December 2008 here in Manila, the composition of the heavenly smile are the following: Jupiter, Venus and the half crescent moon forming the smile.

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